Hike Guides

Here are a few track guides for some of my favourite hikes. Please be sensible with these guides. Bushfires, regrowth, floods and man made changes can drastically alter the terrain that I describe. All of these bushwalks are in rough country. I have also sometimes included interesting side trips and variations and by "interesting" I mean no actual track or very old, unmaintained and badly degraded tracks. You need to have real experience with bush bashing, a map and compass and being a long way away from phone reception to safely do these hikes.

Always be prepared for the worst. I once did a hike in Victoria's Alpine National Park where it was above 30C for three days straight and on the fourth day it snowed!

Please have a Personal Locater Beacon (PLB). They are cheaper than a decent pair of boots and you can even hire one for your hike if you want. Hopefully you will never need it. But if you do - you will be VERY glad you had one.

  • The Howitt Car Park, The Viking, Mt Howitt Circuit. This four day hike is a circuit that starts at the Mount Howitt Car Park in Victoria's Alpine National Park. It then goes down the Dry River Track to the Wonnangatta Valley and then to the top of The Viking. From there passes over The Razor, Mt Despair, Mt Speculation, Mt Buggery and the The Crosscut Saw. With a short side trip to Mt Howitt and then on to Macalister Springs. The hike then concludes with the return to Howitt Car Park. The entire trip takes four days but there are interesting places to see if you have more time. Included are some interesting variations to South Viking and also The Terrible Hollow and along the Wonnangatta River. There is also a description of a short cut (although I can't recommend it) to South Viking along the ridge in between the Wonnangatta River and Riley Creek. You can read the guide here.
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