Hiking Galleries

Bushwalking is one of the major joys of my life. In this section of my website you will find some photos I have taken on some of my hikes. Feel free to use them and I hope they will motivate you to go and visit some of these beautiful places. Some of them are very hard and difficult hikes, some of them are surprisingly easy. All of them are worth doing.

You can use the photos in any way you wish. A quick email to say you liked them and used them would be nice and I would love to see how you have used them and in what context (and a back link would be great too) - but only if you feel like it. I can also give you very high resolution copies of some of these photos on request. Just use the “Contact Me” form mail to shoot me an email.

There are also a few articles of advice and tips and also some articles on some of the hikes I have done with track notes and maps. Feel free to ask me any questions. Let me also add that I hope that if you are inspired to go and see some of these lovely places you will “do no harm” and be careful of what you do and how you do it. I also hope that you will be safe, sensible and prepared as you hike. Be ready for the worst and get as much information as you can. Trawl the internet, ask questions of people with experience, read books, consult with the National Parks people and talk to the locals.

Hiking is a very safe hobby but no activity is safe without common sense and forethought.

Finally, there are two VERY important things you must do - for your own safety and the safety of every one else - when you are out bush.

1. If you have a fire; put it out THOUROUGHLY. If you can't put your unprotected hand right in the middle of it - then it isn't out yet.

2. When you take a crap; do it at least 100 metres from camp sites or watercourses (and that includes places that might be watercourses in rain or after a snow melt). Do it in a hole at least 15 to 20 centimetres deep and bury it properly so it is air tight and the flys can not get to it.