Welcome to my website.

It is all about some of my interests. Most of it is about bush walking and hikes I have done in various parts of Australia. There are images here from some of my favourite places on earth - The Arthurs Range in Tasmania (in fact all of Tassie's South West National Park), various parts of The Alpine National Park in Victoria and the desert parks in South Australia like Arkaroola or Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park. There are photos from many other places as well. There are also track guides for a few of my favourite hikes. These bush walking guides are mostly "medium to easy", although I do throw in a few "interesting" detours and side trips to make things more challenging if you are interested. Please take care. Not only of your self but the land you travel through. I do a lot of my hiking now a days off track. But you will never see anything the next day to show I was there. "Leave nothing but foot prints, take nothing but photos".

There are a few of my other hobbies displayed on this website as well. This website uses Drupal 8 and I have been helped many times by the abundant resources provided for free by Drupal's thriving community. So in gratitude, I will try and put up a few tutorials myself to (hopefully) help out others the way I have been helped.

I have also put a few bits and pieces of graphic design work I have done on display. Also a few of the short films I have done or helped out with. A few scripts and short stories for you to read.

I am happy for you to use any of the images you find on this website for free for any non profit purpose. If you wish I can provide high resolution copies of these photos. I would love to get an email with a link to show how the images have been used and a back link to this website would be much appreciated. But it's up to you. Just use the Contact Page to get in touch or you can click here.

I would also like to hear any feedback you have. Things in the tutorials and guides I have done wrong (or right, if it comes to that). Any comments or suggestions - or even any questions. I hope you enjoy timbo.id.au.